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It’s almost 2am, the party is over. Its either time to clean up or have one of those deep conversations about life, the universe and everything that happens at 2am. I say we clean up tomorrow. 

So it begins!

We'll wind up exploring the universe, philosophy, theology, science and toasters. Toasters actually come up several times, oddly enough. There are a few secrets hidden along the way, and before its over, tonight may change your life.  Or you may fall to your doom. It depends on the choices you make. 

Enjoy! And thanks for letting me be your Rent-A-Friend.  

[Creator notes: Game can be breezed through in ten minutes, or you can take your time and explore. There are almost half an hour of audio  (About 45 audio clips) scattered through the game by which to converse with Rent-A-Friend, and you will have to explore a lot to find them all. We suggest you walk through the game as directed/intended by Rent-A-Friend, then play Devil's Advocate, then just look around and explore. And enjoy! It's 2am and you're with a good friend.]


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Cool! A  3d show in tell game. :D Awesome!

Thanks CG! I like the term "Show and tell" for these. Somehow "Walking simulator" didn't capture it, and frankly neither does "Game." 

That's ok. That's why friend's and gamers have a new pair of eyes to see what kind of genre games could really be. ;) I feel the same. I too don't know what genre my games are because I want them to be a new types of genres. XD lol But I love making new genres.! It's so cool! What about you? :)